Thunder Bay Stack Blast
Location: Thunder Bay, Ontario

This was phase 1 of a three phase collaboration with Budget Demolition in the complete demolition of the former Ontario Power and Gas Thunder Bay generating station project. This project saw the demolition of an 8000 ton, 650 ft high reinforced concrete stack. The base of this large stack was 60 ft in diameter and the walls were 18 inches thick. Inside the main structure were 3 steel flues that were each over 650 ft tall. The challenge on this explosive design was both blasting and cutting charges were required, timed precisely and in close proximity to each other. In order to match the radius of the steel flues, a specialized product, Explosive Cutting Tape, was sourced. The fall direction of the stack needed to be precise in order to hit the proper landing area. The customer was very pleased with our ability to adapt to last minute design changes and lay down this large structure perfectly on target.